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When you have a web project and you need your customers to know you and come naturally to your website you must work intensively on SEO positioning. Choosing keywords is one of the most important elements of any organic positioning strategy, and its success is precisely given by the contents and the associated keyword strategy.


The keywords are those that users use to search for information related to your company on the network. All the contents you prepare should include those keywords related to your activity and that are the most searched or used in search engines.

Main types of keywords:

In order to properly design your content strategy you must know what are the main types of keywords that you can use and what their purpose is.

One of the most important keyword classifications is the difference between short-term or short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords or also called long tail.

In the first case we are before words that represent concrete concepts that can have a direct relationship with our business in New York/ NYC. In the case of long-tailed keywords, we are referring to word chains that contain an action or an intention related to the activity we carry out. These second usually have a lower volume of searches, but have the advantage that they are much more focused on the business and can achieve a better positioning.
Depending on its purpose

According to the purpose for which these words are used it is possible to classify them into several types that we summarize below:

Informative These are keywords that offer information on a specific topic. In fact, the use of these keywords by users responds to information needs.

Commercial SEO: These words are the ones used when the user has a clear intention to purchase. They are the most difficult words to position because this type of word is where most companies are located. Users who use these words are already clear that they are going to buy something and search with that intention.

Navigational SEO : These are the words that users use when what they are looking for in a specific brand or a certain website like (aviationwebdesign.net/new-york-seo/). It is easier for users to put the word in the search engine than having to enter the web address. It is important that we have our page well positioned by our brand, to always be the first to appear.

Commercial prospecting SEO : These searches are related to the moments before the decision to make the purchase. These are words that are related to the comparison of products or rankings that help us choose a particular product or service.

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